Attraction Marketing - The New Model in Network Marketing

The 3-foot rule is a familiar term to most network marketers. It's the backbone of the marketing plan and building a MLM business. Network marketers are trained to write down their "why" and go to work by prospecting everyone in sight, creating a friends and family list and getting people on conference calls. All of these tactics gave network marketers small results and a lot of frustration. Making the network marketer nothing more than a pest chasing people down. However, these methods were used in MLM business because it was too expensive to for network marketers to afford an useful marketing campaign.

Now with the Internet, network marketers can implement the same marketing strategies that traditional businesses use all the time. A new model call attraction marketing. Attraction marketing is getting prospects to come to you. Prospects will initiate the first contact. Time is spend talking to qualified people who want to hear what you had to say instead of trying to recruit people who can care less about your business opportunity. There are several ways of implementing this new model of attraction marketing. For the shoestring budget network marketer, writing articles and sharing content on various social sites are free or low cost methods to attracting prospects. For the more daring MLMers, there are some other methods that charge a fee but give fairly quick and desirable results such as Google AdWords and ezines to name a few.
However, to fully understand and success at this new model of attraction marketing, network marketers should use these few tips:
1) Identify the target market.
2) Drive traffic to a lead capture page giving value, not pitching a sale.
3) Creating an email list from the prospects that opt-in from the lead capture page.
Those 3 steps are the most important things to do to set up an successful attraction marketing action plan.